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from django.conf import settings
from django.http import HttpResponsePermanentRedirect
class EnforceHostnameMiddleware(object):
Enforce the hostname per the ENFORCE_HOSTNAME setting in the project's settings
The ENFORCE_HOSTNAME can either be a single host or a list of acceptable hosts
def process_request(self, request):
"""Enforce the host name"""
allowed_hosts = getattr(settings, 'ENFORCE_HOSTNAME', None)
secure_only = getattr(settings, 'ENFORCE_SSL', False)
if settings.DEBUG or not allowed_hosts:
return None
host = request.get_host()
# find the allowed host name(s)
if isinstance(allowed_hosts, basestring):
allowed_hosts = [allowed_hosts]
if host in allowed_hosts and (not secure_only or (secure_only and request.is_secure())):
return None
# redirect to the proper host name\
new_url = "%s://%s%s" % (
'https' if secure_only or request.is_secure() else 'http',
allowed_hosts[0], request.get_full_path())
return HttpResponsePermanentRedirect(new_url)