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#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
int distance = 100;
float power = 2.345f;
double super_power = 56789.4532;
char initial = 'G';
char first_name[] = "Ben";
char last_name[] = "Taber";
printf("you are %d miles away.\n", distance);
printf("you have %f levels of power.\n", power);
printf("you have %f awesome super powers.\n", super_power);
printf("I have an initial %c.\n", initial);
printf("I have a first name %s.\n", first_name);
printf("I have a last name %s.\n", last_name);
printf("My whole name is %s %c. %s.\n", first_name, initial, last_name);
return 0;