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DNSChat is a simple proof of concept.

It is essentially a small text-chat client which uses DNS requests in order to transport PGP Encrypted chat between two parties - either directly or via third party resolvers (depending on how you configure it).

The original design was drafted in DNSCHAT-1 and the resulting PoC was created (and documented) in DNSCHAT-2


  • Python
  • Python-GnuPG
  • Scapy


Usage is fairly simple


with optional support for the following command line arguments

-h/--help		Print this text
-r/--resolver=		DNS Resolver to use (e.g. --resolver=
-c/--char-limit=	The maximum number of characters to use per query (default 63 - max is also 63)
-i/--id=		Numeric ID to use
-d/--domain=		The domain to query (e.g. --domain=example.com)
-v/--debug		Use debug mode

Any required value which is not provided on the command line will be prompted for.

The user is prompted for a passphrase to be used with the symmetric encryption.

Ctrl-C exits the program

Known Limitations

The PoC does have a number of limitations, though most are solely the result of trying to avoid creating a finished product

- The interface is incredibly basic (did briefly test an Urwid based interface)
- The traffic is identifiable - for simplicities sake some of the patterns used are very simplistic
- Error trapping is a little casual

There's no intention to 'finish' the system, but if there were, the following improvements would likely be looked at

- Switching to using PKI instead of symmetric keys
- Introducing a (random?) delay between DNS requests
- Making the queries less identifiable


Copyright (C) 2015 [B Tasker] (https://www.bentasker.co.uk). Released under (GNU GPL V2)[http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html]