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PCAP Analyse and Report

Work in Progress

PCAP Analyse and Report is a BASH wrapper for tshark with the aim of extracting information about behaviour observed within a given PCAP and presenting in a simple format.

At time of writing the information extracted includes

  • HTTP Sites visited (including URL Path requested)
  • HTTPS Sites visited
  • Paths known to have been visited on HTTPS sites
  • XMPP servers connected to
  • Unique list of cookies observed

The script will output a CSV containing port 80 and 443 traffic, as well as several text files containing metadata (Cookies, User-agents etc) extracted from that traffic.

Project Management/Issue Tracking

Project Management and Issue tracking is performed in a private JIRA instance, a HTML mirror of this project can be seen on


Copyright (C) 2015 B Tasker

Released under the GNU GPL V2

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