Git post-receive web hook notifier in Python for Pivotal Tracker
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notify-webhook Pivotal Tracker Adaptation

notify-webhook is a git post-receive hook script that posts XML data to Pivotal Tracker's API.

This project is a fork of with very few changes to most of the content.

The base code implements the GitHub Web hooks API as closely as possible, allowing arbitrary git repositories to use webhook capable services. At the moment, however, this fork only supports commits!

Additional documentation is available at




To use notify-webhook-pivotal-tracker, just copy to your repository's .git/hooks dir and call it post-receive. Be sure to set it executable with chmod 755 post-receive as well.


Configuration is handled through git config. We use sensible defaults where possible.

Here's an example:

git config hooks.webhookurl ""
git config meta.apikey YOUR API KEY


The URL to the webhook consumer - the commit details will be POSTed here. The value above should be fine unless an update of the API is released


The URL of your repository browser

Defaults to None


The URL of a commit in your repository browser. %s is replaced with the SHA1 hash of the commit.
Defaults to meta.url+'/commit/%s' or None


This code is copyright (c) 2013 Ben Tasker

Original copyright (c) 2008 Jack Moffitt and is available under the GPLv3. See LICENSE.txt for details.