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Powershell Module for the Cloudflare API
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PSCloudflare Module

This is a powershell module for interacting more easily with the Cloudflare RESTful API.


Firstly the original script I based this on can be located Here

This module tears apart the original script and converts it into a proper module. In the process I've added a few improvements:

  • Implemented a proper build process
  • Added documentation
  • Generalized the functions
  • Added validation around some of the parameters

This starts with a few functions I needed to add a large number of firewall rules but can be very easily added and expanded upon to suit your needs. The full documentation for the api can be found Here


You can use the installer script included with this project or, if you are using PowerShell 5.0 or greater simply run:

install-module pscloudflare


Here is a small example of some stuff you can do thus far.

$Token = 'aaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbccccccccccc1234552'
$Email = ''
$Zone = ''

# Connect to the CloudFlare Client API
try {
    Connect-CFClientAPI -APIToken $Token -EmailAddress $Email -ErrorAction Stop
    $Connected = $true
catch {
    $Connected = $false

if ($Connected) {
    # Add a firewall rule that challenges the visitor with a CAPTCHA 
    Add-CFFirewallRule -Item '' -Notes 'Organization Block 1' -Target 'ip_range' -Mode:challenge -Verbose

    # List the firewall rules for the organization
    Get-CFFirewallRule -Verbose -ErrorAction Stop

    # Target the zone (You can also simply pass the zone to the functions directly if you prefer)
    Set-CFCurrentZone -Zone $Zone -Verbose

    # Add a firewall rule that challenges the visitor with a CAPTCHA just for the zone
    Add-CFFirewallRule -Item '' -Notes 'Zone Block 1' -Target 'ip' -Mode:challenge -Verbose

    # List the firewall rules for
    Get-CFFirewallRule -Verbose


I developed this module for a fairly specific task of adding a large number of firewall rules to Cloudflare. I also tried to make the module generic enough to easily expand upon. All the real work for invoking REST calls is done by Invoke-CFAPI4Request. Prior to calling this function you should always populate the parameters that will be used for the REST request by using Set-CFRequestData. This will ensure that the most recent call data is always kept in a module variable (exposed with Get-CFRequestData) for troubleshooting and debugging purposes. Note that the parameter data is not converted into JSON until the REST method is called via the Invoke-CFAPI4Request (so you don't need to convert anything yourself in any of the functions you create).

You can look at the existing functions to quickly generate new functions for this module for just about any of the other (numerous) exposed API RESTful methods available. The API documentation is really comprehensive.


Original Script: Cloudflare API Documentation:

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