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Vecna Password Manager

Build Status

A password manager that uses a GPG encrypted file to safely store your passwords on your phone.


First, you will need to create a GPG key pair. If you don't know what this means, you are probably not in the target audience for this app. After you have created your key pair, export the secret key and copy it to your phone somewhere.

The app should also work with keys generated with [Android Privacy Guard] so you don't have to muck around with exporting keys.

You will also have to create your password file. The app cannot edit any passwords at this time, although I plan on allowing that in the future. The format for the password file is rather simple, one entry per line, with three fields separated by a space. None of the fields may contain a space. The fields are as follows:

account  - a descriptive name of what the password is for
username - the username for the account
password - the password for the account

Once you have created this file, encrypt it and transfer it to your phone. Personally, I use Dropbox to keep it synchronized, and I plan to build that functionality into a future version of the app.

Now you should be all set to view your passwords on your phone.


Tapping on an entry in the password listing will copy that password to your clipboard to be pasted into whatever other app you need it in. Long pressing an entry will bring up a dialog with the details about the entry. None of the entries are editable at this time.

When you quit the app, it will try to keep all the entries in memory so that they are immediately available next time you open the app. If you do not want it to do this, you can press the lock option in the menu to have it forget them all.

Pressing the search button will let you type the first few letters of an account name to filter the listing to just those matching what you type. If you have a hardware keyboard, you can just type to filter the listing.

Known Bugs

I don't know of any bugs at the moment. If you find one, please report it on the GitHub issue tracker.

Planned Features

  • Synchronization with Dropbox
  • Ability to edit password file
  • Setup walkthrough


See the LICENSE file for license details.