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PSBT Toolkit v0.1.2

@benthecarman benthecarman released this
· 15 commits to master since this release
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Release Notes

  • Various Improvements to PSBT parsing (no longer requires previous transaction)
  • Added ability to decode and analyze PSBT
  • Added new Script Pub Key crafter
  • Fixed bug when closing app

Running PSBT Toolkit

To run PSBT Toolkit you will need Java installed, checkout the beginning instructions about building from source for help.

If you want to run the standalone binaries, after verifying PGP signatures, you can run it with ./psbt-toolkit to start the app. If you are on Windows it will instead need to run psbt-toolkit.exe or if just want to execute the jar you can generally just double click it, or use java -jar psbt-toolkit.jar.

Verifying signatures

This release is signed with benthecarman's signing key with fingerprint 0AD83877C1F0CD1EE9BD660AD7CC770B81FD22A8

To do the verification, first hash the executable using sha256sum.
You should check that the result is listed in the SHA256SUMS.asc file next to it's file name.
After doing that you can use gpg --verify to authenticate the signature.


$ sha256sum psbt-toolkit
87e0c0274b9a32703b5adfdc48e7d46641c6de13d9b43baec2886f34fcb010b1 psbt-toolkit
$ gpg --verify SHA256SUMS.asc 
gpg: Signature made Wed 02 Dec 2020 07:25:37 PM CST
gpg:                using RSA key 0AD83877C1F0CD1EE9BD660AD7CC770B81FD22A8
gpg: Good signature from "Ben Carman <>"