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@github-actions github-actions released this 08 Sep 16:21
· 39 commits to main since this release

For installation instructions check out the getting started guide.


  • Fields client_id and rack_id added to the kafka_franz input and output.
  • New experimental command processor.
  • Parameter no_cache added to the file and env Bloblang functions.
  • New file_rel function added to Bloblang.
  • Field endpoint_params added to the oauth2 section of HTTP client components.


  • Allow comments in single root and directly imported bloblang mappings.
  • The azure_blob_storage input no longer adds blob_storage_content_type and blob_storage_content_encoding metadata values as string pointer types, and instead adds these values as string types only when they are present.
  • The http_server input now returns a more appropriate 503 service unavailable status code during shutdown instead of the previous 404 status.
  • Fixed a potential panic when closing a pusher output that was never initialised.
  • The sftp output now reconnects upon being disconnected by the Azure idle timeout.
  • The switch output now produces error logs when messages do not pass at least one case with strict_mode enabled, previously these rejected messages were potentially re-processed in a loop without any logs depending on the config. An inaccuracy to the documentation has also been fixed in order to clarify behaviour when strict mode is not enabled.
  • The log processor fields_mapping field should no longer reject metadata queries using @ syntax.
  • Fixed an issue where heavily utilised streams with nested resource based outputs could lock-up when performing heavy resource mutating traffic on the streams mode REST API.
  • The Bloblang zip method no longer produces values that yield an "Unknown data type".

The full change log can be found here.