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Add todo list, pretty rough at the moment

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+--------- rethink args to run's callback (make them more useful) make it so run can take any combination of the following...
+ -> filename, options object, ARGV array (which can have filenames)
+ (in any order) (before it's callback)
+ The order that they are specified designated importance, latter are more important
+ Example:
+ // normal case
+{parallel: true}, process.ARGV.slice(1)) // parallel by default
+{parallel: true}, 'somefile.js', process.ARGV.slice(1)) //specific file
+, {parallel: true}) // parallel no matter what
+ and so on
+Wrap: don't output the suiteSetup/suiteTeardown functions in the toString for a test
+Console Runner: readd number of completed tests back to summary in console runner
+Console Runner: are we being too redundant when
+Web Runner: checkbox for web runner to automatically run suites on window or tab focus
+Web Runner: keep track of which suites have been opened and are parallel across refreshes
+Web Runner: checkbox to run suites in parallel or not (right now you have to specify this
+ via the command line)
+Web Runner: Instead of just show test as blank when a file changes, mention something?
+Web Runner: Show number of failures when the test is closed?
+code coverage
+test.finish can take error? so you could say do:
+ fs.readFile(test.finish)
+ to make sure that readFile doesn't error
+timeout for suites
+improve stack traces for assertions failures (remove first line, which is just the
+ wrapped assertion being called)
+update comments in lib/testing for changes to...
+ runSuite (tests functions can be arrays)
+ runFile
+add note to doc for runSuite about it being the only thing running at any given time
+update doc about expandFiles' return value for path, it is a module path
+update doc about errors while running tests
+document onSuiteLoadError
+document run's callback

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