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Tag: v0.3.2
Commits on Sep 15, 2010
  1. Update README.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  2. Remove dependencies on and webworker

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    The web runner still depends on them but we shouldn't make everyone have
    to install those dependencies if they aren't going to use them.
  3. Fix Firefox support. Still having trouble in Opera

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  4. Include client code as a submodule

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    Before I handpicked what I thought was necessary, now I don't have to
    keep track/guess, I can just pull the most up to date code.
  5. Fix bug in custom assertions code

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  6. Make node-async-testing more extendable

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    Can now register custom assertion functions:
      require('async_testing').registerAssertion(assertionName, function() { ... });
      suite.myTest = function(test) {
    Can now register your own test runners to be options for the run command:
      // register it
        {description: 'My runner', longFlag: 'myRunner', shortFlag: 'm'}
      // from the command line:
      node-async-test test-file.js --myRunner
      // or
      node-async-test test-file.js -m
Commits on Sep 4, 2010
  1. Add disclaimer about browser support for the web runner

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  2. Handle errors in test files, updated README

    Benjamin Thomas authored
Commits on Sep 3, 2010
  1. Update web runner to update UI when test files are changed.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    Web site will now sure the current tests. Even if you add remove tests.
    It already would run the most up to date tests, but now it properly
    shows what it is doing.
  2. Rename default runner and change runSuites to only run files.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    Change the default runner to something more descriptive.  We'll still
    know it is the default in our hearts though.
    Changing runSuites to only run files/directories (and renaming it
    runFiles) is a much bigger change.  If you want to run a specific
    suite object, just call runSuite directly with the object.
    Runners can now assume that all items are files or directories.
Commits on Sep 2, 2010
  1. Make sure we can terminate before terminating

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  2. Fix inproperly labelled assertions.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  3. Initial version of new 'web' test runner.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    The 'web' test runner will start a web server and when you go to the site
    you can run the test suites from there.  Each time you run the suites it
    reloads all files from source, so you can leave the web page open and
    edit and then test and then edit and then test and so on...
    Still need documentation and better command line support for launching.
    Currently no way to run it without hard coding that you want to use that
    Has and node-webworker as two new dependencies. Haven't
    figured out how to bundle the appropriate client code yet.
Commits on Sep 1, 2010
  1. A few small changes, white-space, organization, etc

    Benjamin Thomas authored
Commits on Aug 11, 2010
Commits on Aug 10, 2010
  1. Update README some more

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  2. Fix issue where tests that were run in parallel would be many nested

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    functions deep.
  3. Update default test runner. Change output behavior some

    Benjamin Thomas authored
Commits on Aug 9, 2010
  1. Update authors file

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  2. Merge branch 'rewrite' into master

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    This was a complete rewriting of node-async-testing from the ground up.
    Pretty much everything about node-async-testing has changed. But I hope
    you will agree that I have kept the same spirit of the first version and
    have even better addressed the goals listed in the README.
    New changes:
    + Tests can be run in parallel to have them run very quickly.  The
    default is still to have each test run consecutively one after another
    for the most accurate results.
    + No more do we try and guess if a test is synchronous. I got bit by
    that too many times when I changed a test to be asynchronous but forgot
    to update the arguments.
    + The suite runner is now much more robust, it can take modules, file
    names, directory names or some combination there of.
    + When running individual test files from the command line it is now
    easy to pass in arguments to change the output or the behaivor.  For
    example, it is now trivially easy to run one specific test in a suite.
    + Colored output. I'm quite excited about this, but I suppose I should
    add an option to disable it.
    + It is now possible to easily write your own test runners and to format
    the results however you'd like.
    Things that are now a bit more work:
    + We now assume that the default use case is to have one test suite per
    file.  It is still easy to have more than one test suite in a file but
    we have no examples of it. Unfortunately, however if you have more than
    one suite it a file your suites don't get to have names.  As
    node-async-testing gets the name of a suite from the file it is in. I'd
    be interested in hearing suggestions for how to set a name in a suite in
    a way that doesn't feel tacked on. Even though I am talking about
    tacking this on...  :)
    + Setup/teardown functions are not nearly as straight-forward. I felt
    that an even simpler and easier system for writing tests out-weighed the
    convenience of the previous setup/teardown functions.  Now you have to
    write your setup/teardown functions as a wrapper function which take a
    test and return a new test.  No functionallity has been lost, it just
    isn't as convenient.
  3. Address the issue of setup/teardown functions.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  4. More documenting changes. You'd think I'd learn to do these all in on…

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    …e commit
  5. Update README and documentation

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  6. Fix require path issue from moving node-async-test command

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  7. Small code changes. Biggest being rename `test.finished` to `test.fin…

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    Other than that just clean up the code in a couple spots.
  8. add package.json file

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  9. add ifError method to assert module wrapping

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  10. Basically, document and clean up the new version a bit. Both the code…

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    … and the workflow.
Commits on Jul 9, 2010
  1. @clement

    added ifError method for assert module

    clement authored Benjamin Thomas committed
Commits on Jun 18, 2010
  1. Update api.markdown again

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  2. Try out replacing the current dir with '.' in log level 1 in the defa…

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    …ult test runner.
  3. Update api.markdown slightly.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
  4. Addressed the rest of the issues in todo.txt.

    Benjamin Thomas authored
    + Exit status codes.  `node-async-testing` will now exit with the number
      of tests that failed.
    + If a test doesn't finish, mention that on exit.  Added a new event,
    + Cleanup misorganized code: testResults function.  Done.
    + In runSuites, if can't find a file, print warning, don't error.  Done.
    + Decide if the distinction between errors and failures useful.
      Yes. I find it useful at least.
    + Decide if we should require all tests to call the finished function?
      Yes. I can't tell you how often I switch a function from synchronous
      to asynchronous and used to forget to add the `finished` function to
      the function parameters.  No more!
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