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# pip

# Unit test / coverage reports
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## How to build BentoML locally
## Install BentoML from source code

1. Pull the source code to local directory:
Download the source code to local file system:
$ git pull
$ git clone
$ cd BentoML

2. [Fork BentoML project]( on github and add upstream to local repository
$ git remote add upstream

3. Ensure you have python and pip installed, BentoML supports python _2.7_, _3.4_, _3.6_, and _3.7_
Ensure you have python and pip installed, BentoML supports python _2.7_, _3.4_, _3.6_, and _3.7_
$ python --version
$ pip --version

4. Install all development and test dependencies:
pip install .[all]
And install BentoML with pip in `editable` mode:

5. Build and install BentoML with local branch:
$ pip install .
pip install --editable .

Now you should have BentoML installed:
This will make `bentoml` available on your system which links to the sources of
your local clone and pick up changes you made locally.

Now you can test your BentoML installation by running the following in terminal:
$ bentoml --version
@@ -126,16 +119,23 @@ $ python -m http.server --directory built-docs
And go to your browser at `http://localhost:8000`

## Testing CLI changes
## Creating Pull Request on Github

To play with local changes in command line related code, a convenient way of
doing this is to insert the following code to your '~/.zshrc' or '~/.bashrc' file:

1. [Fork BentoML project]( on github and
add upstream to local BentoML clone:

$ git remote add upstream

And now you can invoke `dev_bentoml` from CLI to test out BentoML cli with your
local changes
2. Make the changes either to fix a known issue or adding new feature

3. Push changes to your fork and follow [this
on how to create a pull request on github

4. Once your pull request created, an automated test run will be triggered on
your branch and the BentoML authors will be notified to review your code
changes. Once tests are passed and reviewer has signed off, we will merge
your pull request.
@@ -28,12 +28,15 @@ Use BentoML if you need to:

## Installation

![pypi status](
[![pypi status](](

pip install bentoml

Read about installation from source code

## Getting Started

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