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Created on 6/23/2016 by Ben
Does same thing as but with Python's csv module
(Writes a csv file from a python list of dictionaries)
import csv
nobel_winners = [
{'category': 'Physics',
'name': 'Albert Einstein',
'nationality': 'Swiss',
'sex': 'male',
'year': 1921},
{'category': 'Physics',
'name': 'Paul Dirac',
'nationality': 'British',
'sex': 'male',
'year': 1933},
{'category': 'Chemistry',
'name': 'Marie Curie',
'nationality': 'Polish',
'sex': 'female',
'year': 1911}
with open('data/nobel_winners.csv', 'w', newline='') as f:
fieldnames = list(nobel_winners[0].keys())
writer = csv.DictWriter(f, fieldnames=fieldnames)
for w in nobel_winners:
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