Basal ganglia model
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This is a reference implementation for the following models:

  • M. Guthrie, A Leblois, A. Garenne, T. Boraud, "Interaction between cognitive and motor cortico-basal ganglia loops during decision making: a computational study", Journal of Neurophysiology, 2013. Build Status

  • C. Piron, D. Kase, M. Topalidou, M. Goillandeau, H. Orignac, T. N'Guyen, N.P. Rougier, T. Boraud, "The Globus Pallidus Pars Interna in Goal-Oriented and Routine Behaviors: Resolving a Long-Standing Paradox", Movement Disorders, 2016. Build Status


It requires python, numpy, cython and matplotlib:

$ pip install numpy cython maplotlib tqdm

To compile the model, just type:

$ python develop

Then you can run a single trial:

$ cd experiments/
$ python

Or the full version:

$ python