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Recode: Robots that can adapts like animals

We recode the arm experiment of the article "Robot that can adapt like animals" (10.1038/nature14422) by Antoine Cully, Jeff Clune, Danesh Tarapore and Jean-Baptiste Mouret. The article is available on the Nature website, and a preprint is available here. The authors have made the C++ code used for the experiments in the article available, but it was not necessary to consult it to code this Python implementation. The supplementary information document, however, was instrumental to it. This code is available on the recode github repository, and is published under the OpenScience License.

Executing Online

The .ipynb file hosted on github does not contain the output (which is too large). The notebook can be viewed and executed directly online without the need to install anything using the (still experimental) binder service. An html version with precomputed output also is available. The jupyter notebook with output can also be viewed through nbviewer.

Installing Locally

The code depends on the numpy, and the bokeh library for the figures. In a terminal:

pip install -r requirements.txt

In order to use the .ipynb files, jupyter is required:

pip install -U jupyter
jupyter-notebook cully2015.ipynb
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