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Recode: Extraordinary intelligence and the care of infants

We recode the model of the article "Extraordinary intelligence and the care of infants" (10.1073/pnas.1506752113) by Steve Piantadosi and Celeste Kidd. The pdf is available here. Here, we only succinctly describe the model. You should consult the original article for details and for the rationale behind the model's choices.

The spirit of this notebook is to use simple code that is easy to understand and modify. This notebook requires no specific knowledge beyond a basic grasp of the Python language. We show all the code of the model, without relying on any library beyond numpy. Only the plotting, using the bokeh library, have been abstracted away in the file. We employ the reproducible library to keep track of the computational environment and foster reproducibility.

Beside the raw notebook, you can access:

You can contact me for questions or remarks at

Installing Locally

The code depends on the numpy, and the bokeh plotting library for the figures, the [and you will need jupyter to open the .ipynb file. In a terminal:

git clone
cd recode/piantadosi2016
pip install -r requirements.txt
jupyter-notebook piantadosi2016.ipynb
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