Support CPU extension SSSE3 like RPCS3 #603

zminhquanz opened this Issue Jul 22, 2016 · 6 comments


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zminhquanz commented Jul 22, 2016 edited

RPCS3 Emulator is support SSSE3 is minimum to run it , Xenia system requirement too high and not support it

gibbed commented Jul 22, 2016

Xenia is not RPCS3, system requirements will always differ.

I personally have no plans to work on reducing system requirements, not sure about other contributors.

Blackbird88 commented Jul 22, 2016 edited

By the time Xenia will be able to actually emulate most games decently that CPU of yours will be severely outdated anyway.

ikki84 commented Jul 22, 2016

By the time, lots of things potentially will happen.
I think that most of users are just expecting to see progress related to the issues about (AMD Videocards/ OpenGL and Vulkan backends).


it would be nice to have SSSE3 on xenia

hlide commented Sep 25, 2016 edited

Why? what might SSSE3 bring up that it would be nice? SSE-like and AVX-like instructions should not be mixed in the code or they will suffer huge latencies due to state switching between SSE and AVX mechanisms. I don't know if Xenia has lowered requirement. If not, SSE3 is totally unrelevant. And I'm pretty confident there are AVX-like instructions equivalent to SSSE3 ones which are probably used by Xenia.


@CyberPhy It would be nice to have you upgrade your CPU.

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