Certain STFS containers crash xenia #617

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Nukem9 commented Sep 10, 2016 edited

These are CON/signed. I found this bug while testing skyrim saves:

Crashes on https://github.com/benvanik/xenia/blob/master/src/xenia/vfs/devices/stfs_container_device.cc#L150 (filename 0x00000095b2b94000 <Error reading characters of string.>)
Occasionally crashes on https://github.com/benvanik/xenia/blob/master/src/xenia/vfs/devices/stfs_container_device.cc#L168 (all_entries contains zero elements)

The vanilla skyrim save works fine, while the same file modified with Horizon's editor crashes. To reproduce, go to File -> Open -> Select a container (attached).
Neither containers have XEXs or anything - it's just to reproduce the crash.



Thanks for providing the files to reproduce this 👍

The occasional crash is interesting - I think it may be related to the other issue of not resetting properly?

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