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Nemo Elit nemoelit

Be an outstanding developer.

Wuxi, China

Milad Kahsari Alhadi miladkahsarialhadi

I am a computer science student who has keen interest about security, system development and discrete mathematics.

Golestan, Iran

Nathan Wells nathanwells27

I'm currently an IT technician. I'm just beginning my first steps into code. I hope to learn a lot and become very skilled with this for a future career.


shenlongchao shenlongchao

treat others as you would like to be treated !


Shaun O'Neill XeliteXirish

I'm a 18 year old software developer. I absolutely love Android so that is my main focus right now! Follow me on twitter for updates on what's happening!

@TCDG Ireland

Majick Tek MajickTek

Open-Source Software team Majick Tek (magic tech) Creates software that is lightyears ahead. You can catch us at

Majick Tek, The Internet

George Gkirtsou ggirtsou

Software Engineer. I have a thing for automation & scalability. Learning Go. Interested in every part system: DBs, ITOPS, Cloud

@zanox London, UK

Marlon (陈金) chenjin3

A full stack developer. Be passionate in combining the art of design with programming.

Kingsoft Beijing

Sathish G SathishGajendran

Full Stack Developer


Willem Jan Faber WillemJan

Just this guy, you know?

Denis Sedchenko odin3

Limelight Networks Lviv, Ukraine

Dragon Ball Merchandise dragonballzmerchandise

The nicest guy in the world. Nerd that likes Dragon Ball Z so much that he can't live without it.

Rajan Singh woahitsraj

Web developer in React. Minimalist, Traveler, Productivity nut. 日本語OK. Ich spreche Deutsch. Lived in 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇯🇵🇨🇦. See @rajan-ls for my @lawscout github

@Lawscout Toronto, ON

Joy Chace willkernel

Will Be Kernel !


Massoud Asadi massoudasadi

Software Developer

Tehran, IR

Galandas ReytR2

Mod Extension Galandas (Rey) Italy

Ryan Bell Ryan-Bell

Rochester Institute of Technology


love computer,love internet,like music,like travel... growing with the web,determined to become an excellent web developer


Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Stephen Barlow rebelb0y11

Mississippi, United States