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Spectacles - Anonymous browsing for Quora


Deprecation notice: Spectacles worked for a period in 2012 when Quora used simple client-side obfuscation techniques. They've since pivoted between different obfuscation techniques, and today appear to use no obfuscation at all. Either way, Spectacles is no longer functional. The README continues below for posterity.

Spectacles is a Chrome Browser plugin that removes Quora's answer obfuscation for anonymous users.

NOTE: Not all logged out users see this blur effect. It seems to happen 100% of the time when accessed from Google.

What it looks like

Here's a sample question on Quora: What is the Best JavaScript Framework?



With Spectacles



You can install Spectacles via the Chrome Web Store.

You can also download and install from GitHub using these instructions:

  • Download Spectacles (unzipped)
  • Go to Chrome -> Manage Extensions
  • Enable Developer mode (top-right)
  • Click "Load unpacked extension ..."
  • Select the unpacked Spectacles folder - boom, you're done


Spectacles is based on Matt Swanson's Chrome user script:

Icon from Manuel Lopez's trainee icon set (non-commercial license).

Ben Vinegar wrote a few more lines of JavaScript, bundled the code as a Chrome Plugin, and put together this kickass README.


Spectacles is available under the MIT License