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A connect/express middleware for dispatching requests to a hierarchy of resources, using a grammar to describe the structure of the url hierarchy.

If you're interested in using this, please bug me to finish this doco.


var rhizome = require('rhizome');
var resources = require('./resources');
var grammar = 'a valid peg.js grammar';

var parser = rhizome.pegjs.buildParser(grammar);

  parser: parser,
  resources: resources

You construct a pegjs parser from the given grammar. Then for each request passed to this middleware, the parser is given req.url as input, and the resulting parse tree is traversed to resolve the request to a resource. See also the comments for rhizome.resolve, below.

config fields:

  • parser A pegjs (or compatible) parser object, having parser.parse(input, [startRule]). Required.

  • resources An object holding resource constructors. Required.

  • makeinput Function to extract from a request the input to be parsed. Defaults to rhizome.makeinput

  • startRule The name of the start rule in the grammar. Defaults to the first declared rule.

  • parse Function to parse a request into a parse tree. Defaults to rhizome.parse.

  • dispatch Function to dispatch a request against a resource. Defaults to rhizome.dispatch.

  • debug True to log parse errors. Defaults to false.