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require 'rails_helper'
feature 'editing user profiles' do
background do
user = create :user
user_two = create(:user, id: 2,
email: '',
user_name: 'bigrigoz')
post = create(:post, user_id:
post_two = create(:post, user_id: 2,
caption: 'different post yo')
sign_in_with user
visit '/'
scenario 'a user can change their own profile details' do
click_link 'Arnie'
click_link 'Edit Profile'
attach_file('user_avatar', 'spec/files/images/avatar.jpg')
fill_in 'user_bio', with: 'Is this real life?'
click_button 'Update Profile'
expect(page.current_path).to eq(profile_path('Arnie'))
expect(page).to have_css("img[src*='avatar']")
expect(page).to have_content('Is this real life?')
scenario "a user cannot see an Edit Profile button on another users profile" do
click_link 'bigrigoz'
expect(page).to_not have_content('Edit Profile')
scenario "a user cannot navigate directly to edit a users profile" do
visit '/bigrigoz/edit'
expect(page).to_not have_content('Change your profile image:')
expect(page.current_path).to eq(root_path)
expect(page).to have_content("That profile doesn't belong to you!")