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Run clojure scripts and lein commands quickly using a persistent nREPL session. Heavily inspired by grenchman. This script differs in grenchman in several ways: it is written in Python, so no compiling or downloading platform-specific binaries is required. Also, the script automatically starts a headless nREPL server if none is currently running (however, see the Caveats section below).


pip install quick-clojure


The quick-clojure python package installs the quick, quick-exec, and quick-exec-p commands. quick is the main script. quick-exec and quick-exec-p are the equivalents of the lein-exec and lein-exec-p scripts. They are there for you to use in shebang lines. (See the excellent lein-exec plugin for more information).


  eval          FORM                             Evals given form.
  repl          [PORT]                           Connects a repl to a running nREPL server.
  run           NAMESPACE[/FUNCTION] [ARGS...]   Runs existing defn.
  lein          [TASK ARGS...]                   Runs a Leiningen task.
  start         [PORT]                           Start a nREPL server.
  kill          [PORT]                           Kill a running nREPL server.
  restart       [PORT]                           Restart a running nREPL server.

Running with no arguments will read code from stdin.


Repload Integration: You can force the server to run (repload) before each command by setting the REPLOAD environment variable. This should automatically reload any user-defined symbols. It should be useful if you're writing and testing development code.

You can set the DEBUG environment variable to debug nREPL message. The orange ones are client -> server messages, the red ones are server -> client messages.


There is currently a race condition when starting up the nREPL server for the first time, which could result in multiple nREPL servers starting up, only one of which is referenced by the ~/.lein/.repl-port file. So if you are planning on running a bunch of code in parallel, start the server first with a quick start command, at least until I figure out how to fix it. Patches welcome :)


I'm sure there are lots of them :) If you find any please write an issue or pull request so I can fix them.


Run clojure scripts and lein commands quickly using a persistent nREPL session




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