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Documentary Editing for IIIF using FromThePage

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IIIF in FromThePage Diagram

Steps to Import a Manuscript from a IIIF Server

  • Start at
  • As a work owner, login
  • Go to 'Start a Project' (
  • Scroll down to "Import from a IIIF Repository"
  • 2 choices: choose a repository from the IIIF Universe listing OR input a manifest ID directly.
  • Choose a collection the work should be part of -- collections are how different manuscripts ("works") are grouped together in FromThePage.
  • Import

Go to the work. Here you & your collaborators can transcribe, translate (if enabled), or comment on the pages in the work. The images you work with here are being "passed through" from the original institution -- they are not copied into FromThePage.

Steps to Export via the FromThePage IIIF Server

  • Go to
  • Search for & show your collection (highlight). Any public work in FromThePage can be exported as IIIF.
  • Search for your work
  • Find and Copy the manifest ID
  • Open a IIIF Viewer (i.e. Mirador or the Universal Viewer)
  • Load your manifest ID
  • Choose a page
  • Use the viewer to show annotations (In Mirador, use "toggle annotations")

Under the Hood

The import uses the osullivan IIIF Presentation API library to navigate collections and ingest document structure.

Imported works uses OpenSeaDragon to present remote page images from servers implementing the IIIF Image API.

The export uses osullivan to create collections and manifests.

Images hosted on FromThePage (not imported via IIIF) are presented through the IIIF Image API using riiif.

Transcripts, translations, and comments are published as annotationLists containing plaintext content.

IIIF Layers are created for transcripts, translations, and comments.

FromThePage-generated manifests for IIIF imported works are "derivative manifests" -- they use the original canvas IDs, but generate new manifest IDs. The description contains the ID of the original manifest.

See also the FromThePage IIIF API for how to use our IIIF API to pull transcripts, translations, and notes.

Funded by a IIIF commissioned implementation grant.