Preparing a Work for Transcription

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Image Guidelines

  • PNG, GIF, and JPG files are all acceptable.
  • Images should be oriented so that they are right-side-up.
  • Images should be split down the spine, so that only one page is visible on an image. (See the autosplit tool if you need to split two-page images.)
  • Images should be named so that an alphabetical sort will result in the correct page order. (This may require "zero-padding" for any page numbers: page_09.jpg, page_10.jpg will sort correctly, but page_9.jpg, page_10.jpg will not.)

    Upload File Guidelines

  • ZIP files may contain folders containing images, PDFs, or folders containing pdfs.
  • Each folder will be treated as a different document, so do not mix pages from different documents in the same folder.
  • Each PDF will be treated as its own document, so do not split pages from the same document among more than one PDF.
  • For example a ZIP file with 3 images, 2 PDFs, and 1 folder containing 5 more images would create 4 works: the top level images in one, each PDF in their own work, and a last work containing the 5 images from the folder.

    Starting a Project

    To start a project, go to the Owner Dashboard and choose the "Start a Project" tab.

    You can upload a file with images or import from the Internet Archive, a IIIF repository, or an Omeka site.

    Editing Work Settings

    *First, edit the work's title and transcription conventions on the Work Settings page.*

    The settings tab for the work shows the title, description, FromThePage Owner, transcription conventions and other metadata for the work. You can edit these fields by hovering over them with your mouse, then clicking to change them. All full-text fields accept raw HTML.

    • Title will appear in the list of works for a collection, at the head of the work when users are reading it, and in the title bar of the browser whenever users interact with the work. In most contexts, the title will be displayed alongside the name of the collection that contains it.
    • Transcription Conventions will be displayed at the bottom of the transcription form whenever scribes are transcribing pages from this work. Use this section to define standards for regularizing spelling and punctuation. This may be revised again as you become more familiar with the challenges posed by this particular text.
    • All other data here will appear on the About tab for the work.

    Controlling Transcription Access

    *Then, configure access settings on the Work Settings page.*

    Works can be configured to allow transcription by any registered user of the FromThePage instance, or to restrict transcribers to only a permitted set of users. The default behavior is to allow transcription by any user. Skip this step if you want any registered user to transcribe this work.

    To restrict transcription to certain users, select the settings tab for the work, check the "Restrict Editors" box on the right hand side and hit save. The page will refresh with a list of all registered users on the right hand side under the "Allowed Editors" heading. Select the name of any users you want to permit to transcribe this work.

    Configuring Pages

    *Next, add and manipulate the pages for the work.* *(Image manipulation is unnecessary for imported works)*

    The work pages tab is an work owner's view of the pages within the work.

    • Add a page appends a new, blank page to the list of pages.
    • Edit allows you to change the title of a page or delete that page. Click on the page title to change it.
    • Status shows whether a page is ready to transcribe. Pages with no image will show an add link that allows you to upload, rotate and resize a page image.
    • Up and Down links re-position a page within the list of pages.

    Moving the Work to a different Collection

    You may want to move the work to a different collection.

    • Click the dashboard link to see the list of collections.
    • Go to the settings tab for your collection.
    • At the bottom is the "Manage Works" section
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