A Python interface to common shipping APIs (UPS, USPS, FedEx)
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This is my extremely early version of providing a shipment API in Python.

UPS: Ground shipping almost complete USPS: Rate query complete, delivery confirmation almost complete FedEx: Not implemented

ups_config and fedex_config dictionaries:

  fedex_config = {
    'meter_number': 'FedEx Meter Number', 
    'password': 'FedEx API password', 
    'account_number': 'FedEx Account Number', 
    'key': 'FedEx API Key'
  ups_config = {
    'username': 'UPS Online Username',
    'password': 'UPS Online Password', 
    'shipper_number': 'UPS Shipper Number',
    'access_license': 'UPS API License'

USPS Domestic Shipping Rate Example

The USPS module uses Endicia to calculate shipping rates and generate labels. For this example, we'll need to import the Package and Endicia classes from the endicia module and the Address class from the shipping module:

from endicia import Package, Endicia
from shipping import Address

To calculate shipping or generate a label, you have to first create a Package object:

# Separate variables for the sake of clarity.
mail_class = Package.shipment_types[0] # "Priority"
weight_in_oz = 20
packaging_shape = Package.shapes[1] # "MediumFlatRateBox"
length = 10 # inches
width = 10 # inches
height = 10 # inches

package = Package(mail_class, weight_in_oz, packaging_shape, length, width, height)

You also need to create Address objects to represent the address you are shipping from and the address you are shipping to:

shipper = Address('Microsoft', "1 157th Ave NE", 'Redmond', 'WA', 98052, 'US')
recipient = Address("Apple", "1 Infinite Loop", 'Cupertino', 'CA', 95014, 'US')

And finally, you need to create an Endicia object and pass your authentication info, package, and addresses to it:

api = Endicia({
    "partner_id": "<your partner ID goes here>",
    "account_id": "000000", # Your account ID. Has to be a six-digit value.
    "passphrase": "<your passphrase goes here>"

Then you are free to call whatever API functions on the Endicia object you like. In this example, we want the rate function:

shipping_rate = api.rate([package], package.shape, shipper, recipient, debug=True) 

Which should put something like this in shipping_rate:

    'status': 0,
    'info': [
            'delivery_day': '', 
            'cost': 11.3, 
            'service': Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box,
            'package': Priority
            'delivery_day': '',
            'cost': 39.95,
            'service': Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box,
            'package': Express