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Radically simple LDAP authentication for Rails.
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Radically simple LDAP authentication

ldap-rails is a Rails plugin that makes it easy to authenticate users against your organization's LDAP server.

It's designed for Rails 3.1 and above.

ldap-rails is developed and maintained by Ben Weissmann. If you have bug reports or feature requests, please file an issue or email me at


  1. Add "gem ldap-rails" to your Gemfile.
  2. Run "bundle install" to install the new gem.
  3. Run "rails generate ldap_auth"

That's it. You're done. Users will be presented with a login form when they visit your site, and will need to log in with LDAP before they can access your site.


ldap-rails will try to guess your LDAP server's configuration based on the the URL you give to the rails generate command. Note that you can specify the for as part of the URL -- for example, if your LDAP server runs on port 1000, use "rails generate ldap_auth". ldap-rails will automatically try to use and SSL connection to your LDAP server if your LDAP server is on port 636.

You can customize the LDAP connection configuration after you've run the generator in config/initializer/ldap_auth.rb. See the instruction in that file for more detail.


Planned features:

  • Access control based on LDAP groups.
  • Integration with ActiveRecord to easily store authenticated users in your database.


ldap-rails is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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