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A personal site I designed and built, pour moi. Complicated view management stuff done with Backbone.js.


  • A built-from-scratch persistent audio player footer that supports pausing, skipping and fast, responsive seeking.
  • Fast-loading animated GIF previews for all projects, tap-to-play.
  • Neat CSS3 transitions and animations.
  • Clean and responsive design.

How to build

  1. Install Node.js: https://nodejs.org/
  2. Install gulp: npm install -g gulp
  3. Locally install the project's build dependencies. In the root directory, run 'npm install'.
  4. Run gulp to build the project. Whenever HTML, JavaScript or CSS is updated, the project will re-build as appropriate. The build process currently does not watch for other file type changes, so gulp will need to be quit with Ctrl+C and restarted.

How to run locally

The built index.html file (and associated files) will be located in the dist/ directory, which should be created on build. The JavaScript doesn't make any external data requests, so it's not necessary to start a local server in order to view the page in a web browser.