Command-line tool to download all files from a MyUni course
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MyUni Downloader

the pain

So you want all the lecture notes and previous exams from MyUni. Well this little script may help you!

What is does!

Logs into the course course page at and downloads all the files from the modules page (or just the pdfs).

Get started

  1. install python, pip
  2. pip install robobrowser
  3. git clone
  4. cd myuni-dl
  5. python --username a1111111 --password 'pa$$$$$$$' --course 36284


python --username a1111111 --password 'pa$$$$$$$' --course 36284



example of the course number

^^ Myuni course number


Not affliated with Adeliade Uni or the Canvas system, just a student trying to learn ...