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Counts your words in a foreign language
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A simple Java program to store a list of words you've learnt or want to learn in a foreign language.

How it works


Each word has the following properties

  • name - the word you're learning
  • translation - a meaning of that word in your native language
  • type of word - verb, noun, etc

Data storage

The program stores this in a simple CSV file, which it imports on startup. This flat file structure is used as the data stored is very simple and probably not too big. The file is read at the start of the program and a new Word object is created for each one. On successful word creation, rows are written to the end of the file for later sessions.

User interface

The GUI is built with JavaFX using a table with aligned inputs along the bottom. As you resize the columns in the table, the width of the form elements resize accordingly.

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