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Flexical Online Calendar

  1. Summary

    Flexical was originally derived from phpEventCalendar, and has had many new features added. Events have a specific date, and possibly a beginning and end time. They can be copied in recurring patterns and related to each other for batch operations. They can also be assigned to categories and styled in a distinguishable way. We use Markdown for event descriptions. Month-view calendars can be printed directly from web browsers with reasonable page printing capabilities.

    Events can be displayed from specific categories of other Flexical installations. A built-in help system is included.

  2. Requirements

    • PHP (5.5+)

    • MySQL (5+)

  3. Installation

    1. Download the calendar archive or clone it from Github.

    2. Untar/unzip the archive into a directory on your server. Untarring/Unzipping will create a folder which will contain all the files.

    3. Point your browser to the directory where the calendar is installed. You should see a form to set up the database, and then another one for setting up your initial user.

  4. Upgrading

    1. Back up your data and your old installation. Something could go wrong. Note the database connection settings in "db.php".

    2. Unpack the distribution over your existing calendar directory.

    3. Load the calendar. It should detect which database upgrades are needed and run them. If the end result doesn't work, restore from your backups and ask for help.

  5. License Information

    Flexical is released under the terms of the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL). See the file help/licenses/Copying.en.txt to read the terms of the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Or see

    phpEventCalendar by Isaac McGowan modified by Jesse Jacobsen The modified package is called FlexiCal, to avoid confusion with phpEventCalendar.

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A PHP/Javascript/MySQL web-based event calendar with printable months.






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