Simple bash setting modification script for Docky on Ubuntu.
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Simple bash setting modification script for Docky on Ubuntu. Add to your $PATH and quickly change docky settings. Still a work in progress. Works by making calls to gconftool-2.

Current Features

  • lock - Lock icons so that they can't be accidentally dragged
    • Easily make sure you don't mess up your layout!
  • movemon - Move a dock to a specific display number
    • Handy when you have a laptop and multiple displays. Throw your settings in a bash script, and set up all your docks for a specific monitor setup with one click!
  • moveposmon - Change the edge of the display the dock attaches to
    • Move the dock around the edges of the monitor
  • restart - Restart the docky program

Future Features

Create a GitHub issue above to request a new feature!


Unlock icons

dockyconf lock 0

Move dock 1 to display 1

dockyconf movemon 1 1

Move dock 2 to display 0

dockyconf movemon 2 0

Move dock 1 to the top

dockyconf movepos 1 top

Restart Docky

dockyconf restart