GrandOrgue doesn't run easily on the Raspberry Pi. This bash script compiles and installs it for your Raspberry Pi.
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GrandOrgue Compiler Script for Raspberry Pi

Need GrandOrgue to power your portable setup? GrandOrgue doesn't have native binaries for the Raspberry Pi, and compiling your own is a pain. Not with this automated script! This bash script does the following:

  1. Gets the most recent version of the source code from GitHub (Repository here)
  2. Installs the packages needed for compiling (apt-get install ....)
  3. Prepares sourcecode to compile (cmake)
  4. Compiles the source code (make)

To use this bash script, please begin with a new install of Raspian, and ensure it is connected to the internet. Once that is complete, run the bash script provided here using this single command:

wget -O && chmod +x && sudo ./


  • The initial prep process can take 10-20 minutes, and the compiling process itself can take an hour or more.
  • This has been tested on the Raspberry Pi 3. No tests on the slower Pi 2 and 1 have been done at this time.
  • The only midi interface I own (LINK) worked perfectly as soon as I plugged in. YMMV with other interfaces.
  • The built in Raspberry Pi soundcard is not very high quality. I highly suggest getting a higher quality soundcard if you plan to use this for more than practice. Again, YMMV.

Suggested Settings

There are a number of things which are not required for Grand Orgue to work, but are reccomended:

  • Run "sudo raspi-config" and ensure that audio is forced through the soundcard, not the HDMI.