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A bash script that batch installs and tweaks GNOME extensions as well as GTK/Shell themes. There are currently three options available: Unity, Windows and macOS.
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Notice: This software is alpha and under development. Please use at your own risk.

GNOME Layout Manager

A bash script that batch installs and tweaks GNOME extensions as well as GTK/Shell themes. There are currently three options available: Unity, Windows and macOS.


Global Menu Added Global Menu for Unity Layout! A new fork was made based on lestcape's excellent extension where I added some tweaks to the css file to improve padding and fixed the conflict with Pixel Saver. To run it you need the unity gtk module:
Ubuntu/Mint: sudo apt-get install unity-gtk2-module unity-gtk3-module
Arch/Antergos/Manjaro: yaourt -S unity-gtk-module-standalone-bzr
Fedora: sudo dnf install unity-gtk-module-common
openSUSE: sudo zypper install unity-gtk-module

Coming soon: HUD (currently resolving non-root installation). Feel free to open any issues/pull requests if you have any ideas.

Required Packages:

zenity wget curl unzip

Install Instructions:

Download and run the script as user (no root required):

chmod +x

Install folders:

Extensions: ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
Themes: ~/.local/share/themes
Icons: ~/.local/share/icons
Schemas: ~/.local/share/glib-2.0/schemas
Wallpaper: ~/Pictures (or as set by xdg-user-dir)
Backup: ~/.config/gnome-layout-manager














-My GNOME shell freezes when I run the script.

In some occasions your GNOME session might seem to freeze while running the script, however the script is most likely still running in the background. Please allow 1 minute for the script to complete. Once it completes the shell will appear to restart and you may close the terminal. Your programs will not be lost, but it'd be safe to save your work before running the script.

-I am encountering various installation issues.

In some more rare cases you may consider to delete your installed themes/icons/extensions etc from the aforementioned install paths (check above). Specifically if you have previously installed Global Menu or Pixel Saver, please remove them so that the script reinstalls the correct versions.

-Global menu when?

I'm keeping a very close look at this extension and will add it once it's stable enough. Global menu is now added! However it may still be buggy as it's still being developed. It does not work on all applications unfortunately as not all of them export their menu. It does not work with Nautilus (alternatives: Thunar/pcmanfm) and neither with Gedit (alternatives: mousepad/leafpad). Please make sure you have installed the unity gtk module and restarted your computer.

-Any new layouts being added?

If you have any ideas, feel free to open an issue or make a pull request. I am also considering turning this into an extension.


GPL 3.0


Bill Mavromatis


Original extension manager script by Nicolas Bernaerts, United theme by @godlyranchdressing, other credits show on the layout descriptions.


If you enjoy this project, you can buy me a beer :)

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