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Sync large datasets easily with smart multithreading
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UnisonCTRL makes it easier to sync large mostly-read-only datasets with unison by spawning multiple unison instances ("threads"). Using the unisonctrl configuration file, instances can be tuned so that each unison instance is only responsible for a specific subset of the data, allowing large datasets to be synced efficently. Additionally, using this technique, an administrator can split up hot-data into smaller groups (allowing faster syncing) and colder data into larger groups (allowing slower syncing with less resources).

To run, execute python3 unisonctrl/ This is designed to be run in cron, once per minute.


  • Get webhooks working for reporting and monitoring
    • Number of new/existing instances
    • Instance information
    • Report on unknown dead instances - this is important
  • Turn into a proper terminal tool with options, like force restart all, and get stats
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