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@UWW-COMPSCI-476 @OphisMusic
Ryan Trauntvein djdefi

Enterprise Support Engineer :octocat:

@github California

David davidcrosby

Reed College '19

Oakland, California

Josh Sherman joshtronic

Husband. Father. Pug owner. I beat PHP and so can you. Building amazing tools with @AppSumo. Once beat Super Mario Bros. without using a Warp Zone.

@AppSumo / @GravityBlvd Austin, TX

Elie Roux eroux


Mike Kirmse mustang72

I am currently a student in my senior year studying Computer Science. I'm currently looking to get into more serious system software development.

UW - Whitewater Whitewater, WI

Linus Torvalds torvalds

Linux Foundation Portland, OR

Cheng Thao thaoc

Assistant Professor - UW Whitewater

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Whitewater, WI

Christopher Gifford ChrisGifford

Computer Science Major - Media Arts & Game Development Minor - University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

fr. Innocent Smith, op innocentop

Dominican friar of the Province of St. Jospeh

New York, NY

P.F. Hawkins pfhawkins

Software Tester, hypertext enthusiast

@liquidweb Lansing, MI

taotetek taotetek

digitalocean Richmond, VA

Jeremy Blum sciguy14

Head of Electrical Engineering at @ShaperTools. Previously a Hardware Astronaut at @Google [X]. I connect random crap to the internet in my free time.

@ShaperTools San Francisco, CA

Stephen M. Coakley sagebind

Disciple of Christ and software engineer, concurrency wizard subclass. Passionate about faith, life, systems and web software, gaming, and music.

@Widen Enterprises, Inc. Wisconsin, USA

Jason Napolitano JNapolitanoIT

AJADMIN Websites Southern California