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Redditv - Subreddit Video Player

Check out some subreddit videos at:

1 Keyboard Controls

You can use the Left Arrow Key and Right Arrow Keys to navigate to the previous and next videos

2 Supported Videos

Currently redditv supports:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Streamable
  • Soundcloud
  • Gfycat

3 Contributing

3.0.1 How to run

Connect your editor to the app, by following these steps

  • lein repl
  • Optionally connect with your editor - for emacs, M-x cider-connect
  • In the repl, evaluate: (run)
  • Connect your browser to the url given in the repl. Something like http://localhost:3449
  • If you want to manipulate the browser from within the repl, go to your repl, and type (browser-repl)

4 Programming Tasks

  • [X] Keyboard Shortcuts to watch next video, or previous video
  • [X] Buttons to watch next video, or previous video
  • [X] Search bar containing current subreddit to scrape videos from
  • [X] Left Pane - button to go to comments section
  • [X] Playlist - automatically scroll the listing
  • [X] Routes - include routing to subreddits based on anchors ex.
  • [X] Add HTTPS Support
  • [X] Toggle NSFW videos
  • [X] Settings dialog (Right Pane) which contains default limit on # videos per subreddit
  • [X] Add support for Vimeo Videos
  • [X] youtube - respect the ‘start’ parameter when playing the video.
  • [X] Local Storage for app-state
  • [X] Add support for other video formats

5 Helpful Resources

5.1 Deploying from dist folder to gh-pages