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DocuAPI is a beautiful multilingual API documentation theme for Hugo. This theme is built on top of the beautiful work of Robert Lord and others on the Slate project (Apache 2 License).

Visit the demo site.

Screenshot DocuAPI Example site


See the exampleSite and more specific its site configuration for the available options.

Most notable: This theme will use all the (non drafts) pages in the site and build a single-page API documentation. Using weight in the page front matter is the easiest way to control page order.

If you want a different page selection, please provide your own layouts/index.html template.


When the fix for #2549 is released we may do this with blocks, but until then you can provide some custom partials:

  • partials/hook_head_end.html is inserted right before the head end tag. Useful for additional styles etc.
  • partials/hook_body_end.html which should be clear by its name.
  • partials/hook_left_sidebar_start.html the start of the left sidebar
  • partials/hook_left_sidebar_end.html the end of the left sidebar
  • partials/hook_left_sidebar_logo.html the log img source

The styles and Javascript import are also put in each partial and as such can be overridden if really needed:

  • partials/styles.html
  • partials/js.html

Develop the Theme

Note: In most situations you will be well off just using the theme and maybe in some cases provide your own template(s). Please refer to the Hugo Documentation for that.

But you may find styling issues, etc., that you want to fix. Those Pull Requests are warmly welcomed!

If you find issues that obviously belongs to Slate, then please report/fix them there, and we will pull in the latest changes here.

This project provides a very custom asset bundler in bundler.go written in Go.

It depends on libsass to build, so you will need gcc (a C compiler) to build it for your platform. If that is present, you can try:

  • go get -u -v .
  • go run bundler.go (this will clone Slate to a temp folder)
  • Alternative to the above if you already have Slate cloned somewhere: go run bundler.go -slate=/path/to/Slate

All options:

go run bundler.go -h
    	apply minification to output Javascript, CSS etc. (default true)
  -slate string
    	the path to the Slate source, if not set it will be cloned from

With make and fswatch (OSX only, I believe) available, you can get a fairly enjoyable live-reloading development experience for all artifacts by running:

  • hugo server in your Hugo site project.
  • make serve in the theme folder.