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* see if we can load new attachment data asynchronously.
* write more tests
* need to improve startkey/endkey/key JSON encoding.
1.31 2013-06-05
- merged Maroun NAJM's patch for bulk_doc properties
- finally fixed that annoying connection timeout problem (thanks to Walter Werner)
1.29 2012-07-25
- Applied patch from Dave Williams to fix multiple issues
with AnyEvent::CouchDB::Stream.
1.28 2011-10-25
- stream module lacked functionality to prevent socket closing.
closes RT #71601 (by (Mike Zedeler?))
1.27 2011-09-01
- added a workaround for a strange bug in
AnyEvent::CouchDB::Stream where strange characters
would appear in between JSON objects in the stream.
- added more people to the credits
1.26 2011-08-29
- RT#70506 save_doc doesn't update attachment stubs
- RT#70480 open_doc(undef) returns db status
- RT#70425 AnyEvent::CouchDB::Stream enhancement
1.25 2011-07-13
- support for https couches (by Luke Closs)
1.24 2011-04-13
- various fixes to $db->view
(thanks to Matt Adams for the patch and Ryan Perry for the bug reports)
1.23 2011-04-09
- Exception::Class based exceptions implemented in AnyEvent::CouchDB::Exceptions
- $options{header} is not deleted anymore
- $db->view passes authentication information
1.22 2010-10-12
- Reverted a change to the exception code that serialized the exception data to JSON.
1.21 2010-09-13
- Had some problems with PAUSE. Same as 1.20. Reuploading.
1.20 2010-05-13
- a double-utf8 bug was fixed (by Stéphane)
- fetch attachments using open_attachment(). (by Michael Zedeler)
1.19 2010-05-06
- AnyEvent::CouchDB::Stream !!! (by franckcuny)
1.18 2010-04-15
- encode the exception message as json (by franckcuny)
1.17 2010-03-26
- support to continuous replication, close RT #54922 (by franckcuny)
1.16 2010-03-22
- added auth support to bin/couchdb-push (by franckcuny)
- if we have a path in the url, append the db name to this path (by franckcuny)
"It's usefull when your couchdb is behind a proxy and mounted on a different URL than '/'."
1.15 2010-03-03
- add HEAD method; use custom http headers; add POD about the http headers (by franckcuny)
1.14 2010-02-25
- fixed a minor bug in the couchdb() function (by Michael Zedeler)
1.13 2010-01-04
- make the couchdb() function bless its URI (by Douglas Hunter)
1.12 2009-05-22
- Set utf8 flag on default JSON::XS object (by Yuval Kogman)
1.11 2009-05-08
- Implemented special case for unescaping design document ids in open_doc().
id => '_design/docs' => '/database/_design/docs' # unescape '/'
id => 'whatever/else' => '/database/whatever%2Felse' # leave '/' escaped as %2F
- bin/couchdb-push - Publish JSON-encoded documents from the filesystem to CouchDB
- filenames map to ids
- automatic ids are currently not allowed
- Arbitrary URL support
- get|put|post|delete $path, $options
1.10 2009-04-21
- allow the use of custom JSON encoding objects
1.09 2009-04-02
- added support for _all_docs_by_seq
- made boolean handling in view %options more consistent.
- changed the view URL pattern to the new CouchDB 0.9+ style.
(by Jan-Felix Wittmann)
1.08 2009-01-05
- used META_MERGE instead of my Makefile.PL hack to
exclude the eg/ directory from being indexed by CPAN
(by Yuval Kogman)
- added support for /db/_all_docs URL via the new open_docs() method.
(by Jan-Felix Wittmann)
1.07 2008-12-25
- 1.06 was a failed upload. Let's try this again.
1.06 2008-12-25
- not only 200 is OK, bulk docs returns 201 on success
(by Yuval Kogman)
- use URI->path to set the DB name (no problems with missing leading slash)
(by Yuval Kogman)
1.05 2008-12-10
- Regarding RT#41596, I don't want to penalize people who
were following the docs, so when you say
$query->({ group => 'false' }) you'll get
"?group=false" just like before.
DWIM can be a double-edged sword. :-(
1.04 2008-12-10
- RT#41596: accepted suggestion from bug report to change
how the $query function deals with the 'group' parameter.
It now translates between Perl's notion of truth to Javascript's
formal true/false values implicitly.
- added eg/pager example (by Jan-Felix Wittmann)
1.03 2008-10-10
- added method for getting a server's config
- applied patch to $query from Jan-Felix Wittmann
1.02 2008-09-15
- added documentation for attach and detatch
- added document length to new attachment stubs
1.01 2008-09-14
- add support for attachments
- mention DB::CouchDB in POD
1.00 2008-07-25
- initial release
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