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The purpose of this library is to provide an easy way to long-poll
on a URL for events and dispatch as they come in.


Starting and Stopping the Event Loop

$.ev.loop(url, handlers)

url – the URL you want to long-poll on.

handlers – an object that maps event types to event handlers.


    $.ev.loop('/comet/channel/foo/2894293942', {

      // ev.type == "backgroundColor"
      backgroundColor: function(ev) {
        $('body').css({ backgroundColor: ev.color });

      // ev.type == "foregroundColor"
      foregroundColor: function(ev) {
        $('body').css({ color: ev.color });

      // ev.type == "debugMessage"
      debugMessage: function(ev) {



This will stop the long-polling loop.



Event Handlers

This library makes the assumption that every event from the COMET server
will be an object with a type attribute. Based on the value of the
type attribute, jQuery.ev will dispatch events to the event handlers.

Code Examples