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There is an example application in the eg/ directory
called "Example".
This is how you currently run this squatting application:
cd eg/
squatting Example
( needs to be discoverable through @INC.)
- -*- -
If you're familiar w/ the Camping API,
the Squatting API will feel similar.
- -*- -
Example::Controllers is the package that contains all the controllers.
- -*- -
Controllers are objects (not classes)
that are constructed using the C() function.
- -*- -
Controllers represent HTTP Resources
that support HTTP Methods
like GET and POST with
the object methods
get and post.
This was the genius of Camping.
I can't think of a better way to
express RESTful controllers.
- -*- -
Example::Views is the package that contains all the views.
- -*- -
Views are also objects (not classes)
that are constructed using the V() function.
- -*- -
The methods of a view are thought of as templates.
- -*- -
The responsibility of a template is to
1) take a hashref of variables and
2) return a string.
You may use any templating system you want,
or even none at all.
- -*- -
You may define a layout template called 'layout'
which will be used to wrap the content of any other template.
If you don't want your template to be wrapped, you have
to give it a name with a '_' in front.
- -*- -
You may define a generic template called '_' for use when
a specific template can't be found.
- -*- -
You may have multiple views.
- -*- -
The first view you define is your default view.
- -*- -
The optional 2nd parameter to the render() method
lets you specify which view you want to use. For example,
$self->render('profile', 'json')
would render the 'profile' template using the 'json' view.