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John Beppu
Project Title
Squatting On Everything
Squatting is unique among web frameworks, because it has the ability to embed
itself into other frameworks. This ability has been demonstrated with the
Squatting::On::Catalyst module that shows that you can take a whole Squatting
application and embed it directly into a Catalyst application. (To see an
example of this, take a look at the Pod::Server documentation.)
I'd like to expand Squatting's range by writing adapters for more frameworks
and environments.
Benefits to the Perl Community
Imagine that you built a web application, and then imagine you wanted to add
a blog, or a forum, or a picture gallery, or a store to your site. What's a
Perl programmer to do? Web applications haven't historically been conducive
to modular composition.
However, Squatting can change all this for the better. Not only will
Squatting let you embed whole web applications into your existing site, it'll
even let you replace the layout of the Squatting application so that you can
keep a common look and feel across the entire site. The best part is that
you don't have to throw away all your old work and join the Squatting cult.
You can keep all your old work and make Squatting adapt to you.
Unfortunately, these hypothetical, embeddable, Squatting applications have
yet to be written, but even before we get to that part, I'd like to make sure
Squatting can be embedded in as many places as possible.
This will lay the groundwork for a future where adding major functionality
to your web site will be as easy installing a module from CPAN and adding
a few lines of glue code to your existing application.
* Squatting::On::MP13
* Squatting::On::MP19
* Squatting::On::MP20
* Squatting::On::HTTP::Engine
* Squatting::On::Mojo
* Squatting::On::Jifty
Project Details
This project is fairly straightforward. For each framework, I have to
translate the HTTP request info from their world view into terms Squatting
can understand. Then, after I let Squatting handle a request, I have to take
the output and translate it back into terms that the original framework can
understand. Most of the difficulty in this project comes from having to
learn how the foreign framework handles HTTP requests and responses.
Project Schedule
5 weeks to implement and test the modules mentioned above is my conservative
estimate, and I can begin work immediately.
I am a programmer who has been using Perl for 10 years, now. However, for
the last 2 years, I took a trip into the worlds of Ruby and JavaScript to see
what they had to offer. I have recently returned to Perl, because I decided
that it was time to implement the idea for a language learning site that my
friend and I have been sitting on, and I believed that Perl (the language
created by our favorite linguist/programmer) would be the most appropriate
tool for the job. I wrote Squatting so that I could write the language
learning site with it, but now Squatting seems to have taken on a life of its
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