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# Changelog
1.6.3 (25.3.2017)
* Fixed longFormatter in BasicFormatters (incorrect byteValue call was used to parse value from a string)
1.6.2 (8.7.2016)
* Optimized StringBuilder usage in form renderer (by jklap)
* Added AnyNotEmpty constraint for at least one not-empty field (by Petr Kalivoda)
* Boolean formatter recognizes "on" string.
1.6.1 (25.4.2016)
* Fix of undiscovered field of parent class when looking for required flag.
* Looking for required annotation also in getters.
1.6.0 (7.2.2016)
* Additional methods for searching form elements: requireElement, requireElements.
* Fix: Handled null configuration when rendering form element and getting location (locale, time zone).
* Refactoring of AJAX API:
* JsEventToUrl and HandledJsEvent replaced by AjaxHandler.
* DATA_AJAX_ACTIONS form field property replaced by AJAX_HANDLERS.
* AbstractFormStateStorage with withUpdatedState method that can be used to load/store form state inside AjaxAction.
1.5.1 (7.8.2015)
* Methods isTdiAjaxRequest and getTdiAjaxSrcElementName moved to RequestParams with implementations in AbstractRequestParams.
1.5.0 (4.8.2015)
* Configurable type of resulting collection for list mappings (nested collections of complex objects). See Config.listMappingCollection.
* New CollectionBuilders.getItemClass method to allow customization of reflection logic for finding type of collection item.
* Renamed BasicFormRenderer -> FormRenderer
* net.formio.format.Location encapsulating both Locale and TimeZone settings, accepted by fill and bind methods.
* Configurable path separator in form field/mapping names. Removed global Forms.PATH_SEP constant.
1.4.2 (6.7.2015)
* Using Netflix gradle-extra-configurations-plugin for optional dependencies in pom.xml generated from Maven Gradle plugin
* Fixed Gradle build - no fat jar including dependencies as in previous version 1.4.1
1.4.1 (6.7.2015)
* Build and upload to Maven central migrated to Gradle.
* More protected methods in DefaultBinder for easier customizations.
* RequiredValidator identifying also scala.None
1.4.0 (24.6.2015)
* Fixed formatting of BigDecimal values.
* Serving AJAX actions in server side code. Invoking AJAX requests and rendering AJAX responses using TDI JS library.
* Fixed for Open JDK.
* Refactored BasicFormRenderer's API.
* Separator specific for given locale in number formatters.
* Renamed FieldProperty -> FormElementProperty.
* New properties: chooseOptionDisplayed, chooseOptionTitle, labelVisible, accept, maxlength.
* Fixed usage of required property in isRequired method.
* Common passing of request errors and file size errors to validation.
* Validator interface for additional non-bean-validation API validators. Can be combined with bean validation constraint annotations.
* Validators extending Validator interface.
* Properties classes moved to props package.
* Introduced detached fields and mappings.
* Configurable inline fields and width of form and its fields in Bootstrap's grid columns.
* Definable custom labelKey for mappings and fields.
* ConstructionDescription as interface.
* Instantiator taking class of constructed type as a method parameter instead of class type parameter.
* Configurable default instantiator.
1.3.0 (4.1.2015)
* getElements method of mapping returning form elements in order as declared in form definition.
* Increased test coverage (including file uploads for servlets and portlets).
* Simplified internal construction using builders, refactored internal construction of paths.
* ChoiceProvider and ChoiceRenderer definable for form fields (can be used in form rendering as a support for codebooks).
* fillAndValidate method that validates filled data so the validation errors can be shown when the form is rendered for the first time.
* Forms.previewForm for automatically rendered form preview.
* getValidationMessages method on form element.
* Accessibility methods respecting accessibility of parent.
1.2.1 (13.11.2014)
* Definable properties also for form mappings (in addition to fields).
* Public implementation classes passed to the templates due to instrospection required by some template frameworks (constructors remain with restricted accessibility).
1.2.0 (5.10.2014)
* ValidationResult contains List of ConstraintViolationMessages instead of a Set.
* Ensuring deterministic order of ConstraintViolationMessages and their arguments (the order coming from bean validation API implementation can be non-deterministic).
1.1.3 (4.9.2014)
* FileExtension, MaxFileSize constraints by Karel Stefan.
* visible, enabled, readonly, required, help convenience methods in FieldProps.
1.1.2 (2.9.2014)
* Generic FormField
* Convenience isVisible(), isEnabled(), isReadonly(), isRequired(), getHelp() methods in FormField.
* MapParams with another convenience constructors.
* getField(Class<U> dataClass, String propertyName) method in FormMapping.
1.1.1 (22.8.2014)
* Fixed parsing of invalid BigDecimal (StringParseException should be thrown).
* Filling field with original string value in case of parse error.
1.1.0 (17.8.2014)
* AbstractRequestParams for more convenient implementation of RequestParams
* Validators for phone, IPv4/6 address, URL
* SessionAttributeStorage
* Support for portlet API (PortletRequest): PortletRequestParams including multipart request processing
* Field properties (see FieldProperty), definable via FieldProps (in form of heterogeneous map)
* Constants for content types (ContentTypes).
1.0.4 (11.5.2014)
* basicSecured, automaticSecured mappings for protection against CSRF in POST submits.
1.0.3 (2.5.2014)
* Dynamic specification of locale in fill/bind methods, instead of locale in configuration.
1.0.2 (21.4.2014)
* Binding to provided instance of edited object.
* Only optional Maven dependency on servlet API.
* New version of fileupload dependency.
* Fixed propagation of field definitions to the filled form for nested objects filled with "null" data.
* Builder for FieldProps.
* Type of form field in FieldProps and FormField (e.g. "textarea", "select" can be specified directly in server side if desired).
1.0.1 (9.4.2014)
* First released version.