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<meta name="description" content="Berardi's Auto Detailing: Detailing, Window Tinting, Bumper Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Auto Body and more. Serving West Chester, PA and Surrounding Areas." />
<title>Berardi&#39;s Auto Detailing: Detailing, Window Tinting and Auto Body - Serving
West Chester, PA and Surrounding Areas</title>
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&nbsp;<span class="sublinks"><a href="auto-body.html" class="sublinks">EXPERT AUTO
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<a href="bumper-repair.html" class="sublinks">BUMPER REPAIR </a> <br />
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<a href="paintless-dent-repair.html" class="sublinks">PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR</a>&nbsp;
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<h1>Specialty Services </h1>
<br />
<strong class="highlightbig">Interior Repair</strong><br />
Let Berardi&#39;s restore the brilliance in your dash, carpets, and
doors. Interior repair removes years of wear before your eyes, and
it contributes greatly to the appearance of you vehicle.<br />
<br />
<strong>Do you have damage to your vehicles interior?</strong><br />
Berardi&#39;s experienced interior repair technicians can repair and
restore damaged vinyl, leather, velour, and plastic materials for
less the replacement cost. If your vehicles surfaces are faded,
cracked, ripped, stained, or otherwise damaged, you will be amazed
at the results of our innovative repair process<br />
<br />
<strong>What can be repaired?</strong><br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Leather<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Vinyl<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Cloth/Velour<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Visors<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Plastic Trim Scuffs<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Headliners<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Cigarette Burns<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Dashes<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Steering Wheels<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Interior Panels<br />
<span class="style2">» </span>Carpets<br />
<br />
<br />
<hr style="height: 0; overflow: auto" class="style3" /><br />
<br />
<strong class="highlightbig">Windshield Repair</strong><br />
Discover how Berardi&#39;s can save you money on windshield repair
before total replacement is necessary. Our skilled technicians are
able to seal chips and cracks quickly, at an affordable price,
before they lengthen and require costly replacement.<br />
<br />
Although cracks and damaged areas less than a size of a quarter can
be treated quickly, it is best to repair the damage as soon as
possible. Once your glass is damaged, contaminants begin to enter
the chip, causing the repair process to become more difficult, or
even impossible. In addition, your damaged glass may crack without
any notice- one day, or one year, after the initial impact. waiting
can be an expensive gamble. When your windshield or other glass on
you car is damaged past the point of a chip repair, Berardi&#39;s can
also replace the glass as well.<br />
This preventive expense is often covered by insurance policies!
Check with your insurance company today, and we will be happy to
help you with the paperwork.<br />
<br />
<strong>What is exactly windshield repair?</strong><br />
Windshield repair is a innovative process combining modern
technology and skill to fill a damaged area on a windshield with a
special transparent resin.<br />
When this resin is applied and cured, the strength of the windshield
is restored along with the most clarity.<br />
<br />
<br />
<hr style="height: 0; overflow: auto" class="style3" /><br />
<br />
<strong class="highlightbig">Wheel Repair</strong><br />
Our skilled technicians can professionally restore your alloy rims
by using the latest technology and innovative techniques that are
trusted with high end car makers such as Ferrari, BMW, Porsche and
Mercedes Benz just to name a few.<br />
<br />
We all know how easy it is to scratch and chip our vehicles rims in
a parking lot on a curb, or hitting a pothole. Our aluminum and
alloy wheel restoration process delivers the solution you are
looking for when it comes to repairing your rims from pot holes,
curb scrapes, scratches, and chips.<br />
<br />
Wheel repair is a convenient service that can be completed in less
than a day, with your satisfaction guaranteed. discover how
Berardi&#39;s high quality rim restoration process can save you from the
high cost of replacement.<br />
<br />
<br />
<hr style="height: 0; overflow: auto" class="style3" /><br />
<br />
<span class="highlightbig"><strong>Pinstiping and Monograms</strong></span><br />
When you want your car or truck to look unique that will add style,
Let Berardi&#39;s stripe or Monogram it. Berardi&#39;s pinstripes cars the
old fashioned way-by hand with a brush and paint. Please contact us
for more information.<br />
<br />
<br />
<hr style="height: 0; overflow: auto" class="style3" /><br />
<br />
<span class="highlightbig"><strong>Wetsanding </strong></span><br />
If you have deep scratches on your vehicle, wetsanding is for you.
Wetsanding is when we use a fine sandpaper to remove scratches from
your vehicles clearcoat and basecoat. We use a very fine sandpaper
and soapy water solution to remove these scratches. Then we use a
very gritty compound to remove these sand scratches. Next we polish
the paint for brilliance to bring that showroom finish to life.<br />
<br />
<br />
<hr style="height: 0; overflow: auto" class="style3" /><br />
<br />
<strong class="highlightbig">Flood Damaged Cars</strong><br />
Berardi&#39;s has been a trusted name to Insurance companies,
dealerships, personal clients to those that have had there auto or
truck in a flood or have water damage to the interior, carpets,
seats, electrical, ect. Our highly skilled technicians will make
sure that your car is repaired and cleaned to factory standards. We
will deal directly with your insurance company and handle all of the
paperwork. Berardi&#39;s also has rental cars available.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
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<strong>Other Tasks:</strong> <br />
<img alt="" src="img/divider.jpg" width="150" height="6" class="style1" /><br />
<span class="style2">» </span><a href="appointment.html">Schedule an
Appointment</a> <br />
<span class="style2">» </span><a href="quote.html">Get a Quote for
Repairs </a><br />
<span class="style2">» </span><a href="testimonials.html">View Our
Client List </a><br />
<span class="style2">» </span><a href="gallery.html">View Our Photo
Gallery</a><br />
<span class="style2">» </span><a href="contact.html">Submit a
Testimonial</a><br />
<span class="style2">» <a href="specialty-services.html">Learn About Our
Specialty Services</a><br />
» <a href="detailing.html">See Our Detailing Prices</a> </span>
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<br />
Car Wash Books Also Available.</a><br />
<br />
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<br />
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1499 Wilmington Pike, Route 202 ~ West Chester, Pa 19382<br />
© Berardi Auto Detailing. All Rights Reserved.<br />
&nbsp; <br />
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