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+Constant Contact Custom Form Generator
+Version 0.0.1
+* Initial Beta Release
+Version 0.0.2
+* Improved default error message for signup.php script
+* Set CCCFG root to forward to domain root after setup has been completed.
+* Updated Documentation
+Version 0.0.3
+* Removed config.php from distribution. Config file now gets generated on initial access.
+* Added Logging for all actions in setup file (ccsfg.log)
+* Minor changes to debug output.
+* Moved signup.php to signup/index.php
+* Added State and Country select box options which populate StateCode and CountryCode.
+Version 0.0.4
+* Added option for allowing a jQuery dialog box to pop up, this option can be accessed by checking
+"Place Signup form in a pop-up dialog" on page 3 (Web Form Generator) during the process of creating your form.
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