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A PubSubHubbub subscriber implementation in Java
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A straight-forward subscriber implementation written in Java for the PubSubHubBub 0.3 protocol.


This is a simple subscriber implementation written in Java that enables callback registration to feed changes. It internally uses the Apache HttpClient library for client-side requests and Eclipse Jetty as a lightweight internal webserver. For parsing Atom feeds, the ROME library is used.


Subscriber subscriber = new SubscriberImpl("subscriber-host",8888);
Subscription subscription = subscriber.subscribe(URI.create("http://feed-host/my-push-enabled-feed.xml"));

subscription.setNotificationCallback(new NotificationCallback()

	public void handle(SyndFeed feed)
		//TODO: Do something with the feed
} );


  • org.apache.httpclient + dependencies
  • org.eclipse.jetty + dependencies
  • ROME + dependencies

ToDo List

The initial version only supports synchronous verification of subscription requests, asynchronous verification will be added later. The current version only supports Atom feeds.

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