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Reeddit for Mac

This is a version of Reeddit, built for OS X, using node-webkit.


For now, you will need to update manually - download each new version. I hope to work on a way to auto-update later.


  • Minimalist

While aiming for simplicity, Reeddit cares to show you only the most important information from the posts and comments. No upvotes or points.

  • Elastic

Reeddit has 3 different elastic layouts - you can use it on any window size. So it's comfortable to use on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

  • Read-only

Being a personal side-project of mine, Reeddit can be used for browsing subreddits and viewing links/post and its comments, but not for voting or commenting... for now ;) -- However, the subreddits and channels you add are saved locally, so you don't lose any of that data.

  • Channels

You can group different subreddits into a Channel, so you can browse their links in a single view, instead of having to browse each one separately. This is specially useful when you add subject-related subreddits.

For screenshots and additional info, visit Reeddit's Homepage.


To build Reeddit, I used these awesome resources:

Compatibility works on OS X 10.7 and up.


Licensed under the MIT License.