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Cabinet for TV CRM

Used REST server from application

REST endpoint can be configured in the /assets/server-properties.json Default value is: "basePath": "http://localhost:8088/rest

This is Angular 4 based application. Node Js required, download and install from

Use Angular CLI as build tool Run install scrypt: npm install -g @angular/cli

Open application folder and download NG modules: npm install

Update NG CLI: npm install --save-dev @angular/cli@latest

Visual Studio code used as code editor


There are EN and RU translations

Use translate tool: ng xi18n --output-path src/i18n

Development server

ng serve -o

Russian locale version: ng serve -aot --i18n-file=src/i18n/ --locale=ru --i18n-format=xlf -o

Open http://localhost:4200

Production build

Russian locale version: ng build -aot --output-path=dist/ru -prod --i18n-file=src/i18n/ --i18n-format=xlf --locale=ru

Deploy generated files from dist/ru folder to any web server

Base path can be changed in the build ng build -aot --output-path=dist/ru -prod --bh /ru/ --i18n-file=src/i18n/ --i18n-format=xlf --locale=ru