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Nodable is node-able !


The goal of Nodable is to provide an original hybrid source code editor, using both textual and nodal paradigm.

In Nodable, textual and nodal point of views are strongly linked, in both ways:

  • A change to the source code will update the graph.
  • A change to the graph will update the source code.


Single line (graph to code):

Single line (code to graph):

Multiple lines:

How to try ?:


Compatible with:

  • Windows 64bits (tested under Windows 10)
  • Linux 64bits (tested under Ubuntu 20.04)

To linux users: OpenGL and SDL libraries are required.

Disclaimer: Nodable is a prototype, do not expect too much from it.


Download binaries from home page or from Releases section.

How to compile Nodable from sources ?


  • A C++17 compatible build system (tested with make/g++-10 and MSVC14.27.29110)
  • Libraries libsdl2-dev and libegl1-mesa-dev (for linux only, win32 binaries are included)
  • CMake 3.14+

Clone the Nodable repository (with submodules):

git clone --recurse-submodules

Configure and run the build:

From nodable base directory type the following command to configure a new ./build directory from sources in current current directory:

cmake . -B build

Then cmake must have created the ./build folder. We can now build the program from this configured folder.

Enter the following command to ask cmake to build from ./build directory using a Release configuration.

cmake --build build --config Release --target install -j 6

Note: --target install is to create a clean ./bin/Release directory with only necessary files to run the software.

Once build succeed, move to install folder and run ./nodable:

cd bin && ./Nodable


Nodable is licensed under the GPL License, see LICENSE for more information.

Each submodule are licensed, browse /extern folder.

Credits :

Nodable is developped by @berdal84