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MicroBattleTank's ShiVaEngine Scripts
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MicroBattleTank's lua scripts

This repository contains some MicroBattleTank's ShiVaEngine Scripts written in lua.

I'm in a cleaning process of my 10 years old source from by old ShiVaEngine video game project. So scripts will come here AIM* by AIM. By the way I'll not share the AIM since they are binary files.

The idea behind that is to show my ShiVaEngine programming skills.

*AIM: is and AIModel (read ShiVaEngine Doc)

A capture of the game : MicroBattleTank Capture

Play the game in your browser:

If you're interested in testing the unstable beta:

The scripts written by @berdal84 2009-2019 are licenced under MIT, check Licence file for more info.

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